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Watch me Build!

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Watch me Build!


A good set of blueprints guarantees a smoother construction process and helps both builder and homeowner work together for a superb end result.

First Step...Permits & design!

Permitting and design review are the very first steps to building your new home. Greystone Constrction is with you from the very beginning.

Second step...Excavation

Excavation of the homesite is a critical stage of the process, needing constant supervision as it is the foundation of the entire process.


Terrace level excavation is especially difficult in some areas.


A home is only as good as the foundation it stands on. Rebar placed in the footers is mandatory for structual integrity.

Pouring the Footers

All footers are poured with 4000 PSI concrete.

Rebar for inside poured concrete walls.

Rebar is placed vertically & horizontally, and drilled into the footer throughout the poured concrete walls.

Poured walls erected and basement slab poured.

Poured wall construction is far superior to the older style block basement construction. Poured walls 12" thick, & basement slab is a minimum of 4" thick.

Time to Frame

On top of a great foundation a frame is erected. Careful Framing ensures straight walls and perfect corners, and makes it easier for the drywall & rest of the project to go smoothly.

Newer products are used.

The new Advantek brand product is used in the framing of walls and roofing as it is the latest technology in Framing products.

Hands on Framing

Denny is a "Hands On" builder, preferring to be onsite as often as possible, working side by side with his sub-contractors.

Get it DRY!

Getting the home into the "Dry" or "Watertight" stage as quickly as possible allows areas such as sub-flooring, interior framed walls, & other materials to remain dry during the completion of the project.

Make it strong!

Steel supported, poured concrete deck.

New Technology

New technology, "Zip System" on roof & walls in lieu of OSB for superior strenght & overall integrity. Eliminates the use & expense of House wrap and felt paper.

Real Stucco...a MUST!

With growing concerns about Synthetic stucco products, We use ONLY Conventional, 3 coat, hard coat cement stucco in stucco applications.

Exterior Elements

Work progresses from inside to outside simultaneously! This paver drive & patio will compliment the homes exterior as part of the final landscape & curb appeal!

Finish stucco & stone

Completed Stucco & stone, soffit, facia, gutters & downspouts. Preping for paverstones on driveway.

Customizing your home.

Service does not end with the home alone, many additional services are included as expected, such as constructing a custom, private dock.

Flooring decisions

Many types of flooring products are available from pre-finished engineered, to custom, raw, unfinished. Many steps are involved in the installation & finishing of Custom Hardwoods.

Moving On..........

Interior finishing is where the process moves a bit slower. Something as beautiful as these hardwood floors is actually completed in many different stages to obtain ultimate perfection & longlasting beauty!

Details, Details, Details.......

Protection of the already installed componants is an important element in the finishing of the interior to insure everything stays in it's perfect, originally installed condition, eliminating the need for later touch up or repair.

Manage That Time.

Time management is critical to the timely completion of the project and includes coordination of all vendors & sub-contractors between each other, allowing for each step to be contiguous to the next.

It's the small things......

Look at this bath area. Now look again with an eye for detail. From the Crown Mould to the tile floor, no detail has been ignored, but enhanced to it's full potential.

Make it shine!

To have a finished kitchen shine it's brightest takes so much thought & planning at the very inception, even before a single cabinet is placed!

Final Product!

A satisfied customer is a happy customer! The Finished product! 10 months construction time. Ahead of schedule & below budget!

Home From the Water showing dock

A true beauty from the waters edge!

Small town values blend with big city dreams!

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